Summary Judgment Granted

[31-August-22 13:24:58]
Plaintiff claimed that he was attacked by a parton at our client’s bar, causing catastrophic injuries including brain hemorrhaging requiring surgery, facial fractures and memory...


Summary Judgment Granted

[24-May-21 20:45:10]
Plaintiff alleged he was injured when he slipped on an item on our client’s premises. We moved for summary judgment on the ground that our...

Summary Judgment Granted

[24-May-21 20:44:55]
Plaintiff alleged she was injured when multiple items fell out of a box onto her body while she was shopping on our client’s premises. Plaintiff...


Summary Judgment Granted

[22-May-20 17:37:30]
Plaintiff claimed she tripped and fell on the curb as she was attempting to enter our client’s premises. Plaintiff claimed that the curb was in...


Appellate Division Affirmed Dismissal

[23-May-19 20:14:37]
Plaintiff alleged he was injured as a result of a trip and fall on ice. Plaintiff failed to provide certain discovery. We were successful in...