Plaintiff sued the Firm’s municipal client in New York Supreme Court. Plaintiff claimed she fell due to an overly or negligently waxed floor and, as a result, sustained serious injuries. After discovery, we moved for summary judgment, arguing that plaintiff’s description of a “shiny” floor was not sufficient to establish an improper or negligent application of wax. We established that the floor was last waxed five months before plaintiff’s accident and was not slippery on the date of the accident. In opposition, plaintiff attempted to rely on plaintiff’s testimony that there was residue on her clothes following the accident and an inadmissible hearsay statement of an unidentified employee. We convinced the court to disregard the inadmissible statement as hearsay and plaintiff’s testimony on the alleged residue as feigned and contradictory of earlier testimony on this issue. The court granted the motion, dismissing plaintiff’s lawsuit in its entirety.