Simmons Jannace DeLuca, LLP has been recognized as one of the 2013 Go-To Law Firms at the Top 500 Companies. American Lawyer Media gathered data from Fortune 500 Companies’ General Counsel, and Simmons Jannace DeLuca, LLP was praised for delivering exceptional work for the Fortune 500.,

Each year, as part of our research for the publication: In-House Law Departments at the Top 500 Companies, we gather data from Fortune 500 Companies’ General Counsel, and through research in key databases, to determine which law firms they rely upon for outside counsel in a number of key practice areas. This research is summarized in a guide that is distributed to In-House Counsel at all Fortune 500 Companies as well as leading business executives and law firms throughout the U.S. The digital edition will be featured online at Law.com. Our multi-media resource is used throughout the year as the primary source for referencing “Go-To” law firms that are being relied upon by their peers and associates.