Appellate Division Affirmed Dismissal

Plaintiff alleged he was injured as a result of a trip and fall on ice. Plaintiff failed to provide certain discovery. We were successful in obtaining a conditional preclusion order and ultimately, dismissal. The case was argued at the Appellate Division, wherein the Court determined that plaintiff failed to comply with the conditional order of…


Summary Judgment granted

Plaintiff sued the Firm’s municipal client in New York Supreme Court. Plaintiff claimed he fell due to a defective sidewalk and manhole. After discovery, we moved for summary judgement, arguing that plaintiff’s testimony established he fell on a privately owned sidewalk surrounding a municipal manhole, that there was no evidence of a defect with respect…


Summary Judgment Granted in Medical Malpractice/Failure to Diagnose Claim

Plaintiff commenced a medical malpractice claim predicated on our client Emergency Room physician’s alleged failure to diagnose extremely rare Fish Handler’s Disease. We argued that Defendant did not depart from the applicable standards of care, that plaintiff failed to follow Defendant’s recommendations and that Defendant did not cause any injury to plaintiff. We argued the…